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What is Truth?

Man is sinner and the wages of sin is death(Romans 5:8) – is TRUE.

All the sufferings mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Ethnical in man’s life – are TRUE.

Man cannot by himself over come all these unending sufferings and cannot have true peace but heading towards the tragic dooms end – is TRUE. (Ex. Tsunami)

Once self discipline, self Righteousness cannot save anyone from eternal punishment – is TRUE.

JESUS the Son of GOD and the mediator of this earth said I came to set the captives (suffering mankind) free – is TRUE.

JESUS said the truth shall make you free(Luke 4:18) – is TRUE.

If the truth can make you or set you free

Are you really listening to the truth? Mark 4:24 says Take heed what you hear.

If you are really a TRUTH seeker then this is the site which will help you, through the power of Holy Sprit opens your eyes to follow the ONLY WAY – which is only the TRUTH – which only can lead you to the eternal LIFE, which is the Gift of GOD (Rom. 6:23) in CHRIST JESUS.

Make this site your favorite one and be blessed.